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Welcome to the The New Call of Duty WikiEdit

Anyone is welcome to edit as they please. Just make sure it is logical information that is relevant to the topic.

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We want our readers to be able find the information they want, and to be able to edit it the way they want. If you can't find a source, add your information anyway! As long as it is logical information, there is no need to have a source for every single sentence. Of course, there still needs to be sources, but if you aren't sure how to add sources, no need to worry! Maybe you have added a page or information to a wiki, only to have the admins delete it, even if there has been no time for you to get a source. On this wiki, there is no need to worry about that. If we happen to delete your information, or a recent page you have made, we will explain why we did it, and offer to help you possibly recreate the page so that it is more reasonable for every reader's benefit. Readers and editors are very important to us, and our wiki would be nothing without you. Please help us edit in any way possible, and help make this a new, improved Call of Duty wiki that everyone will be satisfied with. Remember, we need YOUR help to make this the new, improved Call of Duty wiki. We want YOU, the editors, to be able to edit the pages on this wiki and make them the best possible...not the admins who delete your items or ban you on the old Call of Duty wiki because they are jealous of your work or don't want to accept the fact that something will be in the next Call of Duty. the new COD wiki, we are a team!

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